Nov 29, 2011

Lemon Meringue Tart with Coconut Frangipane

Lemon Meringue w/ coconut frangipane
I have no excuse, I hang my head in shame. I love baking, & more so when what I try to make actually turns out tasting good and looking nice. ^-^

But, I should have been studying. I'll hit the books right after this post. It's just, I couldn't help myself today. Sitting at home, thinking about pastries like usual. Subconsciously aware of the egg and lemon in the fridge and the sugar and flour sitting lonely by themselves in the cupboard. Before I knew it the mixing bowls were out on the counter and a play list of songs from YouTube floating around above.

A few days ago, the Daring Bakers group all posted their attempts at a specific cake and I got the opportunity to not only learn about a new dessert and how to make it (though, I think I made a mistake with the meringue in that recipe..) but I also became aware of some other bakers out there who's blogs I had never seen before and WOW! So much amazing talent.

A new favorite place of mine to visit now is "Candied". I'm not sure who they are but the page is full of amazing, inspiring pastry photography.
My list of things to bake has just grown 10x after scrolling through their pastry log. I wish I knew how to photograph and bake so beautifully! Well with practice!

With the ingredients lined out and the oven preheating, I got started on making the Lemon Meringue Tart from the blog Candied.

I've already eaten some too =D It was Perfect.

Lemon Meringue with Coconut frangipane
Lemon Meringue Tart with Coconut Frangipane by Candied

 Tart dough

  300gr                                                                         flour
  150gr                                                                         butter, cold
  100gr                                                                         powdered sugar
  1                                                                               egg
  as prefered                                                                lemon zest and vanilla powder

  Lemon pastry cream
  300gr                                                                         milk
  150gr                                                                         heavy cream
  50gr                                                                           lemon juice
  100gr                                                                         granulated sugar
  1                                                                               egg
  3                                                                               egg yolks
  50gr                                                                           corn flour
  as preferred                                                               lemon zest and vanilla bean

  Coconut frangipane
  80gr                                                                           butter, room temperature
  90gr                                                                           powdered sugar
  100gr                                                                         almond flour
  2                                                                               eggs
  30gr                                                                           flour
  50gr                                                                           shredded coconut

  Italian meringue
  80gr                                                                           granulated sugar
  15gr                                                                           glucose
  23gr                                                                           water
  60gr                                                                           egg whites

Succulent Slice of Lemon Meringue tart
For start, prepare the tart dough by cutting the butter into the flour and then simply adding the rest of ingredients. Wrap the dough in plastic and chill until quite hard. Meanwhile proceed with the pastry cream and combine milk with cream, zest, vanilla and half of the sugar in a saucepan over medium heat. Whip the eggs with the rest of the sugar and corn flour until homogeneous and stir in the lemon juice. As soon as the milk gets quite hot, pour one third of it in the egg mixture stirring constantly and then return it to the saucepan whisking until thick.

As soon as the cream starts boiling, remove from the heat and let cool. For the coconut frangipane that you can keep for days in fridge and use as filling for any tart, beat butter with sugar until creamy and add the eggs. Stir in the rest of the ingredients and set aside. Remove the tart dough from fridge and use a rolling pin to make shells for about one 20cm-diameter tart ring and nine muffin tins. Dot the bottom dough with a fork and preferably place a foil piece filled with beans or rice inside the larger tart shell to prevent rising.  

Bake at a preheated oven to 170C for 15min with the bean filling and for another 5min without it. Fill the half-baked shells with a layer of coconut cream and bake for about 20-25min until golden on top. Spread the lemon pastry cream over the coconut filling and prepare the meringue. Boil water with glucose and 70gr sugar and as soon as it reaches 100C, start whisking the whites adding gradually the rest of the sugar. When the whites are quite foamy and the syrup is at 120C, pour it in the meringue and keep whisking until it cools down and feels slightly warm to the touch.

Inside the Lemon Tart
Fill with the meringue a pastry bag and empty it over the surface of the tarts in various shapes. Finally burn the meringue picks with a blow torch and garnish with lemon zest, shredded coconut, chopped almonds, white chocolate shavings, or anything you come up with.


Marcellina said...

Wow! I want a slice now! Ok, ok, I know...I'm going to have to make it myself!

pastry said...

So glad you tried it (beautiful result!) and thanks for the mention ;)

Toasted Pecan said...

@Marcellina xD It was very very good. I do recommend making it!

@Pastry Thanks! :)

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